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Caribbean Stud Poker. The Main Principles

This Caribbean Stud Poker was invented in the Caribbean. In 1980, the game began to get involved in the sailors of ships calling at the port, which brought the game to the continent in the casino, where at the beginning of the 90 games won universal popularity.

The game has its origins in the five-card stud poker, the cards of the same rank, as in other poker games. You play against the dealer's cards is you have to beat. Against other players you are playing.

Caribbean Stud Poker is played on a table such as blackjack, designed by seven players. Prior to each player on the table fields are marked «ante», «set» (bet). There is also a machine for additional rates.

The game begins with players betting, which is a multiple of the minimum of the table. The bet is placed in the "Ante". Also, each player has the right to make an additional bet, the size of a dollar for the bonus jackpot.

Auto distributes the cards that the dealer gives each player in turn. Each player receives five cards face down. Card Player roll with one hand. The dealer four cards face down and one up card.

After the discovery of cards, a player assesses the situation in terms of availability of a poker hand and make a decision: to continue the game (call) or not (fold). In the event of a player loses his bet «ante». If you continue the game to make the amount of two ante on the «bet». If you are playing in the $ 5 you bet «betv will be equal to that amount, and the rate« call »- $ 10.

Once the player has completed perform operations with maps of all boxes, the dealer opens his cards. In order for the dealer continued to play, he must have an ace and a king, or a couple dozen or older. Player wins the ante in size only, regardless of which combination of the player.

The percentage of casino revenue is more than 5.2% because of the moments when a player loses their initial bet. However, when the rate «call» the ratio of lost money and the total rate - 2.55%.