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PaiGow Poker Strategy

PaiGow Poker - a rather interesting game, which differs from the classic poker, in particular, the fact that the game is played on two hands. Each player and the dealer receive seven cards. These cards are divided into two arms so that in one hand, there were five cards in the other - two. Must be borne in mind that the dignity of the first hand must be higher than the second. Accordingly, a lot depends on how the maps will be divided. What is the strategy for PaiGow Poker?

If the partner is not at all. The system of play PaiGow poker, in this case is based on the fact that, as expected by the rules, for the first hand you need to select the highest dignity of the map. Then for the second hand will remain following the true map.

One couple. Strategy for PaiGow Poker recommends to always leave a couple of first refusal. The second hand is necessary to take two strong cards. Two pairs. It is best to separate the pair of aces and take it to the second arm. A couple of pictures is better separated from the pair of sixes or more high cards with numbers. If you hold both pairs - the cards below advantage of six, leave them for the first two hands.

All other couples to separate for the second best hand. But in this rule Strategy PaiGow Poker recommends that an exception if you have an ace. If there are two pairs of aces and take a hand in the first two pairs, and ace send the second hand.

Three pairs. The system of play PaiGow poker advice on the second hand to take the strongest pair.

Three identical cards. Always the same three cards should go to the first hand, but there is a caveat: if you have three aces. Then take two of them as a pair of first hand, and a third ace let you have a second hand.

Straight or a flush. Place of usual straight / flush - in the first hand. But if you have a straight / flush of six cards, the most senior cards should be in the second hand.

Street / flash and steam. In this case, the pair goes into the second hand. Street / flash and two pairs. Play as the strategy says PaiGow poker game with two pairs.

Full House. Cards should always be separated. Exception - if there is a pair of deuces and an ace and the king should go to the second arm.

Four identical cards. All cards from two to six are the first hand. Everything from seven to ten - better to share. Ace and a picture - for the second hand. All cards from jack to king is better to share if you cannot allocate a couple of dozen or more in the second hand.

Straight flush. Definitely leave in the first hand.

Straight Flush and two pairs. If a pair of scores above, it is better to separate. It also makes sense to separate a pair of aces from the other pair.

Royal Flush. Royal Flush must be taken in the first hand.

If you have a royal flush with two pair, but you need to return to the rule of two pairs, and do what it says. If you have the opportunity to take a second pair of hands, the game system in PaiGow Poker advised to leave in this case, the straight or flush in the first.

Five aces. You always have to share, except in the case when you have a pair of kings for the second hand.