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Let It Ride Is a New Online Poker Treat

Let It Ride is another one of these versions of poker, which could be described as “Poker Lite”. This is because Let it Ride is the only version or poker, apart from Three Card where the player gets to play against the bank and not against other players, and is unique in the fact that players do not need to post an ante before seeing their cards. This popular variation of poker was specially developed for the casino industry just a few years ago, and is gaining popularity as a simple yet stimulating online game.

Each hand played at Let it Ride begins with players placing no less than three bets, all of the same value. Players have three cards dealt to them, all of them face up, and then a further two cards are dealt face down. These cards are known as “community card with each hand that is to be played requiring to be bet upon. A player can decide to fold all three hands, but if they wish to continue, they must bet on a minimum of two of their hands.

That’s how the game earned its title of “Let it Ride.” If a player decides to proceed, the dealer then turns over one of the “community cards”. At this stage, the player can again decide to fold one of their hands, or Let it Ride. If the player stays in with at least one if not all of their hands, the second “community card” or river card as it is known is turned over.

That’s when the outcome of the hand has been decided, and the player can either have won or lost one or all of their hands which that have decided to “let ride “.

Payouts at Let It Ride are made according to the strongest combination from each of the three hands, taking in the up to three player’s hands of three cards each as well as the two “community cards”. The minimum winning hand is r a pair of tens and after that up the poker scale to as far as a royal flush, which pays out 1000- 1

All in all, Let It Ride is a fast and friendly way to play poker against the house, with no need to pay antes, which can erode a player’s stake money in every other form of poker.