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What Casinos Can Offer Players

It is not surprising that casino facilities are in the industry to make a lot of cash. Casinos do that by featuring games, offerings, eating establishments and different kinds of entertainment to attract patrons.

It is also no surprise that casino facilities want to have the advantage in every casino games that they feature because without those house odds, casinos would not exist. No one is surprised to know that most long term gamblers lose compared on the times that they win.

If they were not losing, something would be really confusing with the casinos in the gambling industry. No businessman can flourish without any profit. The casino odds at the different casino games are not the same. Some casino games like the large wheel, rarely have any wagers with odds under ten percent.

A type of Asian Casino game, Sic-Bo, has only two wagers with a casino edge under 3%-the rest of the games featuring 40% casino edge. Can you envision yourself participating in a casino game that has a 40 percent casino edge?

Yet some individuals still play those kinds of games and wager based on those odds. Craps is a good game and feature one of the best wagers in the casino. But it also features one of the biggest casino edges in any game. If you wager on the Crazy Crapper in the middle of the layout, you will have to face a casino edge of more than 10%.

On the Any Seven Wager or Large Red wager the casino edge is a monstrous 16.67%. That means that you will lose $16.67 dollars for every $100 dollars that you bet on the Any Seven. That is why it is called the large red, because that will be your bankroll if you keep on continuing that wager.

At the game of craps, there are good wagers that can be done, wagers that only give the house a small casino edge. The Pass Wager and the Come Wager and the Do Not Pass Wager and the Do Not Come Wager have casino edges of 1.4%. These wagers can be even improving by getting the Odds. You can make the odds wager after the point number is known. Most casinos in the U.S. have 20x the odds, which mean that you can place 20x the amount of your Pass wager and Come wager in Odds.

The Odds wager has no casino edge and is paid by the casino based on the true odds. If you are wagering five dollars on the Pass Line, you can get $100 dollars in odds. The casino edge on a wager is a dime for every one hundred dollars. Just remember that you can wager on the Pass Wager, the Do Not Come Wager and the Do Not Pass Wager in order to maximize the possibility that you will do well in the game.