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Sic Bo Online

Play on an online casino with the best rules of the game and the best pay tables (compare the different Sic Bo tables available on several online casinos). Also check the payout rate and the casino where you play. Some casinos have a more favorable rate than others. Vary your bets between larger and smaller bets in order to increase your odds of winning, or even try all of them, and determine which ones you potentially have more chance of winning in order to establish winnings. game strategies.

Control the speed and rhythm of the game; when it does not work out as you expect, it may be good to slow down and analyze the smaller (but more frequent) gains. The goal is to be consistent. Bet on small, medium-high earnings, giving you the chance to win more regularly. Conversely, on a big gain, you will have 8 chances out of 10 to lose. Set a limit (gains or losses) not to be exceeded. Sic Bo is played with 3 dice. The goal of the game is to predict the outcome of the roll of 3 dice by placing their bets on the corresponding table sections. Once the bets have been placed, the croupier activates the vibrating platform at the base of the glass bell to mix the dice. Once the transaction is complete, the dealer will announce the result. Each type of bet is associated with a specific repayment. The player will be able to place as many wagers as he wishes.

To return to the game itself, several types of strategies can be developed: those where the risk of losing is low, the gain remains minimal but remains for the player more comfortable since more easily manageable, those moderately high where the player may vary the combinations of bets and limit the risks and finally, high-risk ones granting you a substantial gain but a greater risk of loss.

Many players are fond of Sic Bo because of the simplicity of its rules. The job of the player is to determine what type of bet he wants to engage and the amount he agrees to bet. If the result of the roll of the dice is favorable to you, your wallet will gain volume. What could be simpler ? Do not wait any longer and register in one of the online casinos we have listed in our official list. You will not have to regret it!